Ayurvedic Consultations with Elena Filippova
What is Ayurveda?
It is a millennial science of India, sister of Yoga, which considers that the path of each person towards health is unique. Each person has different needs and abilities.

Practicing Yoga from the awareness of who you are and what is your primordial nature (Prakriti) and your Ayurvedic constitution (Dosha), will help you to distribute your energy wisely, choosing between the tools that Yoga offers you. And if in addition to practice, you choose the type of food that suits you best according to your digestive capacity, you can restore faster the natural balance of your body / mind and gain vitality, peace and well-being.

Knowing our starting point, our dosha and the current state (Vikriti) is very important, since the same diet, medicines, physical activities and even spiritual practices that are appropriate for one person, can be harmful for another.



If you want to know your nature and develop a strategy to stop fighting with it and get the best out of your gifts, I propose a particular consultation. I will elaborate a personalized food proposal and I will tell you what kind of asanas and pranayama are most recommended for your Ayurvedic constitution. Deepening in Yoga and Ayurveda we gain in consciousness and health.

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