Alejandra Franquis


"It only looks good with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes". The Little Prince.

At age 12 I attend my first yoga class in Lanzarote, my birth island. Leaving behind the competitive world of rhythmic gymnastics, in addition to keeping in touch with my body, I discover my true essence in yoga. From that day on, yoga becomes the common thread between my body, my mind and my spirit.

I discovered yoga "by chance" and inmediately I felt that it fit with the way of self knowledge that I had already started.

In 2015 I trained in Power Yoga Canarias (200h) and I keep doing it (yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, chiromassage, chakras). I am currently studying Transpersonal Therapy at the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development and the specialization of Restorative Yoga (100 hours) through the International School of Yoga. I firmly feel that my dharma, my path in this life, focuses on "accompanying" the other.

I collaborate with different centers on the island where I teach monthly workshops focused on the work of the chakras ("Journey through the chakras") and Yin Yoga. My classes are based on the Vinyasa Chakra style; I love to play with the elements that are in us creating varied sequences and in this way continue connecting with Nature and with that sacred link with it, which we have been losing.

I strongly believe that passion is the key to achieving the life you want and that the greatest degree of intelligence lies in the greatness of the heart.