Alberto Jorge

“Stronger, more flexible, happier…”


Inventor of Power Yoga Intensive, a moving meditation and a way to connect with our inner being. Power Yoga Intensive is a unique style rooted in traditional yoga methods but without strictly following any rigid rule. It leaves space to feeling, creativity and enjoyment. We have the ability to go beyond where we are right now: with Power Yoga Intensive you use the mat to renew your mind...

Power Yoga Intensive holds all the essential ingredients for the yoga practice: difficulties, doubts, demands, toxins, frustrations, fears, possibilities, beliefs, power. Alberto has been spending his entire life life training himself and researching the science of yoga. His practice, knowledge and teaching are based on his intuition and on the seven pillars of his innovative method: faith, consistency, growth, acceptance, presence, meditation and body awareness.

He is the founder and the current director of Power Yoga Canarias.
He is presently researching and developing a project on biomechanics of movement applied to yoga, based on his academic background on Sciences of Physical Activity. He regularly organizes and manages international workshops and Teacher Training Programs within the Yoga Alliance International project. He also works as a personal yoga teacher and advisor of several celebrities...”

His energy, instructions, creative sequences and dynamic asanas will guide you to become stronger and calmer...they will break your mental barriers and allow you to discover who you really are and what you are able to do...

Enjoy a funny, healing and challenging class that will take you to your inner self, make you travel, breath and find that place where you can do and be!!


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