Massage and Therapies
Holistic Massage
It takes its name from the term "halos" which means everything, whole, complete. The human being is an invisible whole, composed of a physical body, a mind, emotions and a soul; This massage takes into account this uniqueness and uses different techniques in order to balance this complete Being. Among the benefits attributed to it is to reduce stress by increasing the level of energy; It releases tension and muscular rigidity, promotes blood circulation and helps to sleep.
Lymphatic drainage:
A massage aimed at enhancing the functions of the lymphatic system through precise and rhythmic manipulations on the body. The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulatory system, only instead of carrying blood, it transports lymph, a whitish fluid that drains waste substances. & Nbsp; The lymphatic drainage manages to favor the elimination of the lymph and of the liquids that accumulate in the tissues. Improves healing, skin conditions (acne, wrinkles ..), nervous system disorders (migraines ...) Helps eliminate cellulite, orange peel and fatty deposits; It is very useful for people who suffer from heavy legs (due to high temperatures, pregnancy, fluid retention associated with certain diseases).
Candle Massage:
Stimulating and harmonious massage, made with space wax candles made of essential oil, creating an environment that invites rest and relaxation. The molten wax in contact with the skin, comforts and relaxes the muscles, in addition to releasing the aroma of the essences. This technique is intended for all those people who wish to receive a stimulus to their senses.
Relieving massage:
Massage that works hard on a physical level, something necessary today due to the high labor demand, stress and daily tensions. & Nbsp; It is used to relax the muscles and remove muscle knots that are produced by poor posture, lack of rest or a life too sedentary. & Nbsp; Reduces muscle tension throughout the body by activating blood circulation and provides a relaxing sensation. 
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